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July 01, 2008


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For some reason I needed this. Thank you Pastor Greg for sharing it. WAY TO GO WILL!! I can't even begin to count the times God has used Will to bless me.

Greg, I know that you and Denise have gone through a lot with Will, and will go through more. But I want you all to know what a blessing Will is to so many people. You can not be around Will with out smiling because he is smiling. I for one am thankful to know Will. By the way, your other kids are OK too.

Pastor Greg I am so glad that you shared that. There have been many times that I have wondered if I was praying for "something little" or something that I shouldn't be praying for. I know God has the time and ability I just didn't want to waste it.

Thanks everybody for the kind words. It never ceases to amaze us how, for a young man who can't talk, Will is able to say so much with his life. Thanks for loving and accepting him for who God made him to be. I can assure you that he loves you all!

My thoughts have always and will always be with Denise and you, Greg. God does and I pray, will continue to bless your family.


Thanks, Lisa! We had no idea back at Jefferson County High that God was going to work in our lives the way he has over the years, did we? Thanks for being such a great friend (especially) to Denise since 1980 (I think)! And thanks more than we can say for your prayers for our family! Blessings!

Way to go Will! As a Dental Hygienist, there are many times I wish the parents had prayed for their children prior to their appointment ;-) It CAN make a huge difference!

Since you made this post back in July, I have heard three more messages about God caring about the little things in life. And I have watched miraculously as God has proved it's truth to me in a very real way. He truly does care about the "little things" with His children! Thanks for sharing...I love the Will stories!

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